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The place where people come to feel free.

The CZKD is an independent, non-profit cultural institution. We perceive our social responsibility in creating resources for reclaiming and preserving public goods, as well as in fostering public engagement and stimulating the political struggle for social cohesion by intervening primarily in the fields of art, education and culture


The Center for Cultural Decontamination (CZKD) in Belgrade, Serbia, was founded in 1995. Since then, the CZKD has organized over 5000 events: performances, exhibitions, concerts, public discussions, lecture series, street and “personal” actions, both as a producer and a venue.

A toponym of culture, politics, art and civil society, a public forum, a point of cultural production and education program, the Center is a community which is constantly growing with new collaborating artists, experts, activists, project associates, designers and technicians. In its mission  – struggle against the de-politisation of culture by retrieving freedoms and responsibilities in political shaping of reality, the Center initiates and enhances regional and international collaboration in articulation of practices of emancipation and solidarity in culture.

CZKD has always been the place where people come to feel free.

What do we do?

The CZKD is a public forum and a place for cultural and knowledge production, open to various groups and audiences with the aim to contribute to social cohesion in Serbia by:


°         producing artistic and cultural events (theater performances, exhibitions, debates, presentations, various cultural and political “public gestures”);

°         organizing public programs in a flexible and immediate response to current events and pressing social issues;

°         organizing meetings and workshops of non-governmental and international organizations, as well as other stakeholders;

°         designing and organizing discussions and conferences on relevant issues such as human rights, social and cultural policies, etc.;

°         providing non-formal education in relation to contemporary social challenges;

°         encouraging and supporting cooperation between artists and activists throughout the country, as well as in neighboring countries through collaboration with cultural organizations and institutions in Europe and worldwide;

°         supporting multimedia productions and exploring new forms of art that use new information technologies and social media;

°         promoting cooperation between the private and public sector, especially in the field of culture and human rights;

°         empowering the development of civil society in Serbia through the concept of social responsibility and its place in everyday life.


Through the concept of the space of social responsibility the CZKD lands its production resources primarily in terms of a space for creation, production and presentation, enabling thus the formation of the public sphere and its new actors, which represents an essential condition for a democratic society.


The CZKD, as a cultural civic institution of uniterrupted continuity, considers as its essential aim the preservation of critical engagement and the politics of solidarity, as well as emancipation through participation of the wider community.

CZKD team
  • borka

    Borka Pavićević



    Borka Pavićević - .

    Graduated and obtained master’s degree at Academy for Theater, Film, Radio and Television, Belgrade. Dramaturgist, Theater Atelier 212, and BITEF, Belgrade’s annual international festival of avant-garde theater (20 years), Dramaturgist in Zenica, Split, Skopje, Ljubljana, Subotica and Pristina. Founder, "New Sensibility" theatre. Participated in artistic movement KPGT, in ex Yugoslavia (1984-1991). Artistic director, Belgrade Drama Theater, removed after public and political statements (1993).
    A member of a Belgrade Circle, organization of independent intellectuals. Founder and director of Center for Cultural Decontamination, (1995).

    Regular columnist in "Susreti", "Vreme" and currently in "Danas". Published works include two collections of essays," At X: Post-Dayton Fashion" (Novi Pazar, 1998) and "Fashion" (Belgrade, 1994); “Do you remember?” in "The Other Serbia" (Belgrade, 1992);

    Recipient of the Otto Rene Castillo Award for Political Theater, New York (2000); the Hiroshima Foundation Prize for Peace and Culture (2004); the Osvajanje slobode prize, awarded by the Maja Maršićević Tasić Foundation to a woman whose acts affirm the principles of human rights, rule of law, democracy and tolerance (2005); Routes Award given by ECF, Amsterdam (2009/2010), and from the Government of the Republic of France, the Legion d’Honneur (2001).
  • ana miljanic

    Ana Miljanić


    ana miljanic

    Ana Miljanić - .

  • IMG_4682-copy

    Aleksandra Sekulić



    Aleksandra Sekulić - .

    PhD candidate in Theory of Art and Media, University of Arts in Belgrade, Interdisciplinary Studies. Graduated in General Literature and Theory of Literature at Faculty of Philology, Belgrade University. Master studies finished in Management in Culture and Cultural Policy in the Balkans, University of Arts, Belgrade/Universite Lumiere Lyion 2 with the thesis „Archiving as a cultural form: creating video archives and databases“. Member and cooperative of the Low-Fi Video movement (1997-2003), Kosmoplovci group and Media Archaeology project.
  • ana

    Ana Isaković



    Ana Isaković - .

    Radila kao pozorišni kritičar u Danasu i u e-novinama. Radila PR romskog teatra »Suno e Romengo«. Do aprila 2011.godine radila je kao asistent u vođenju programa Heartefact fonda. Radila je i kao asistent kordinatora programa u Centru za dramu u edukaciji i umetnosti. Završila je osnovne studije na Filozofskom fakultetu, na istoriji umetnosti. Na trećoj godini je doktorskih studija na Univerzitetu umetnosti iz oblasti teorija umetnosti i medija. Objavljivala je kritike na Forumu izvođačkih umetnosti unutar grupe KKH.

    Objavljivala je pozorišne kritike i tekstove na Trećem programu Radio Beograda, časopisu Naš trag, Tmačartu, Sceni, Ludusu, Gradini, Stanju stvari, Književnom listu, na sajtu B92 i Magazinu 011. Bila je kritičar biltena 12. Jugoslovenskog pozorišnog festivala u Užicu. U okviru 42. Bitefa, objavljivala je kritike u biltenu. Na 48. MESS-u, dobila je nagradu direkcije za profesionalno i inspirativno izveštavanje o festivalu. Selektorka pratećeg programa Showcase 44. BITEFa.
  • IMG_4812-copy

    Slavica Vučetić



    Slavica Vučetić - .

  • IMG_4762-copy

    Dragan Škorić



    Dragan Škorić - .

  • deki

    Dejan Pantić



    Dejan Pantić - .

  • foto lj

    Ljubica Slavković


    foto lj

    Ljubica Slavković - .

    Architect (Graduated Engineer of Architecture, University of Belgrade), independent critic and theoretician of architecture, urbanism and the urban culture. Ljubica is an active journalist, contributing to publications at home and abroad, in the fields of urban culture, architecture and urban development. She is an editor of the Serbian issue of Swiss architectural journal and research platform Kamenzind, and and editor and project author at CZKD. She holds an award in the category of architectural criticism at the 36th Salon of Architecture.
  • Lola

    Lola Joksimović



    Lola Joksimović - .

    Independent expert in the field of European integration and Public policies of the European Union, Team Europe network member, Delegation of EU in Serbia. 2007-2013 Head of the Cultural Contact Point Serbia Office (Ministry of Culture and Information of RS)

    B.A. Archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy /Belgrade University

    MA Cultural Policy and Management, Master thesis „From Culture to Creative Europe“; UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Management, University of Arts Belgrade / Universite Lumiere Lyon 2
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