Projekat Idiōtēs / ἰδιώτης

13.04.2015. | 15:35
Pozivamo vas da online glasanjem podržite CZKD projekat i time pomognete njegovu realizaciju. Projekat ima za cilj ima aktiviranje malodušnih građana, kako bi preuzeli aktivnu ulogu i odgovornost za budućnost sopstvenih zajednica.
Glasanje se vrši online. Potrebno je registrovati se na veb sajtu Advocate Europe i zatim ispod opisa projekta klinkuti dugme Support. Opis projekta se nalazi na ovom linku.
In Athenian democracy, idiocy was the natural state of ignorance into which all persons were born and its opposite – the citizenship, was affected through education.
The idea is to provide the citizens with the possibility to articulate their ideas and to be creative, to take joint actions, driven by the joy of creating something by themselves – for themselves, empowering them to make a change in their environments. The goal behind the idea is to instigate the interest of apathetic citizens, nowadays concerned almost exclusively with private sphere, into taking active part and responsibility in the future of their communities. We are challenging the citizens to go along with this state of mind through creative collaborative actions, in the fields of civic activism, human rights, informal education, culture and art, hence implement sustainable ideas for social innovation and cultural participation of the broadest number of citizens.

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