Context Studies: The Diversity of the Diversity in Subotica

21.02.2014. | 19:30

Center for Cultural Decontamination in cooperation with organizations YUROM Centar from Niš, Sent from Novi Pazar and Active Region from Subotica

invite you to join us in the first program of the project “The Context Studies: The Diversity of the Diversity” in Subotica

February 21, 2014


The Context Studies: the Diversity of the Diversity

Introduction to alternative models of production

Presentation of the program of the project The Context Studies: the Diversity of the Diversity, and

Call for participation in the first year: Introduction to alternative models of production

February 21

Art Bioskop Lifka

Trg žrtava fašizma 5


Introduction. Participants: Borka Pavićević, Aleksandra Sekulić, Branislav Filipović, Ana Patarčić, Danijela Mamuzić

Writing in public: polemics and translation

Theme 2: Translation as a cultural form

Mentor: Saša Ćirić

Introduction: Saša Ćirić

Discusission: Saša Ćirić (Beton, Belgrade), Enes Halilović (Sent, Novi Pazar), Attila Sirbik (Symposion, Subotica)

Self-organized production

Theme 2: Youth cultures

Mentor: Ognjen Glavonić

Introduction: Ognjen Glavonić.

Screening of the documentary film: “Živan makes a punk festival” (2013), Featuring: Živan Pujić ; Directed by: Ognjen Glavonić

Camera: Relja Ilić; Editing: Sara Santini; Sound recording: Pavle Dinulović; Sound design: Jakov Munižaba; Production: Mladen Bulbuk; Color correction: Nikola Mrdalj; Credits and intro design: Boris Stanić

Short break


Pozorište “Deže Kostolanji” / Kosztolányi Dezső Színház

The theater scenes which evoke the public

Theme 1: Brecht as a method

Mentor: Zlatko Paković

Performance “Enemy of the people as a didactic play (Ibsen with Brecht, a partiture for a composer, two actors and a director)”

Director: Zlatko Paković. Actors: Igor Filipović, Bojan Dimitrijević, Zlatko Paković; Musician: Božidar Obradinović

The courses will be simultaneously taking place in Belgrade (Center for Cultural Decontamination, coordinator: Ana Isaković), Subotica (coordinator: Branislav Filipović, Active Region), Niš (coordinator: Osman Balić, YUROM Centar), Novi Pazar (coordinator: Enes Halilović, Sent), in the period of February-June 2014. The participants of the program “The Context Studies: The Diversity of the Diversity” will have an opportunity to produce their own programs, with the help of the mentors and selected lecturers, and to present their production in October in their cities and joint event in Belgrade. The application process is extended for Subotica until the February 28, 2014.

The Context Studies is a long term project initiated by the Center for Cultural decontamination in cooperation with the partners in Subotica, Nis and Novi Pazar. As a model of self-organized education, the participants will be introduced with the “inheritance” of the contemporary critical practices, history of the politics of emancipation, but they will also be given the opportunity to produce their public events with the help and cooperation with the wider community of the Center: through courses, production, public consultations, discussions, interviews.

The Center offers its symbolical and technical resources, its memory and its production to be available for the participants of The Context Studies in forming an open program, a methodological and thematic frame for initiating a critical thinking about the public and political space. In this way, we aim to affirm authorship as a basis of the critical practices. The participants will use the courses to develop their idea into a public event, which will be displayed in their city, and then in the joint three-day event: Plenum in Belgrade.

The aim of “The Context Studies” is questioning the meaning of “public” – opening a space for critical practices related to the immediate context and the heritage of civil society.

Artistic team:

Art director: Borka Pavićević

Mentors: Zlatko Paković, Ognjen Glavonić, Saša Ćirić

The team of the project:

Project manager: Aleksandra Sekulić,

Coordinators: Ana Isaković (CZKD), Enes Halilović (Sent, Novi Pazar), Branislav Filipović (Activne Region, Subotica), Osman Balić (YUROM Centar, Niš)

PR: Sanja Nikolić

Media editor: Ivica Đorđević

Administration and organization: Slavica Vučetić

You can apply by e-mail for the participation in the project until the February 20th, 2014, or you can come to the first meeting with the coordinator when announced. Contact the coordinators for the information on meetings:

Belgrade – CZKD, Ana Isaković,,

Subotica – Aktivni region, Branislav Filipović,

Niš – Yurom, Osman Balić,,

Novi Pazar – Sent, Enes Halilović,

The Council of the Context Studies: prof. Milena Dragićević Šešić, Dejan Ilić, Srbijanka Turajlić, Mladen Đorđević, Saša Ilić, Attila Sirbik, Branislav Dimitrijević, Predrag Brebanović, Snežana Skoko, Ružica Marjanović, Ana Vujanović, Vesna Milosavljević Nikola Dedić, Ivana Aleksić.

The project is supported by

European Union – Program “Civil Society Facility” (EU –IPA)

Secretariat for Culture, City of Belgrade

Open Society Foundation Serbia

Charles Mott Foundation

 Program partners:

Moderna Galerija Likovni Susret

Позориште Kazalište Kosztolányi Dezső Színház 

 Art Bioskop Aleksandar Lifka.

Special thanks: Faculty of Music Arts, Belgrade and SeeCult portal.


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