CZKD Cinema – Difference Screen

17.02.2014. | 20:00

Difference Screen

International artists’ film reflecting on changing realities of people and place

Difference Screen presented a one night programme of international artists’ film and video at CZKD, including Walk of the Three Chairs by internationally acclaimed artist Breda Beban. The screening showed part of an evolving collection traveling to venues in 20 countries over two years. The collection will continue to grow as more films are added along the way, reflecting the currency of developing relationships between artists, curators and audiences. The project reveals places and landscapes shaped by events, demonstrating the vital, creative value and potential of difference.

Monday 17th February 2014 (8 – 10.00 pm)

Travelling Fields 2009 09:00 Inger Lise Hansen (Sweden)

Russian KAMA3 2011 03:31 Adad Hannah (Canada)

From Tiziano Vecellio to Barnett Newman and back 03:58 Peter Wareing (New Zealand)

A Drone Wrapped Up in Flying Carpets 2012 06:06 Riaz Mehmood (Pakistan/Canada)

My love for you, Egypt, increases by the day 2011 06:18 Heba Amin (Egypt)

Walk of the Three Chairs 2003 10:00 Breda Beban (Serbia/UK) 40

Interval 10 mins

Hollywood 2004 12:20 Daniel Brefin (Switzerland)

Staging Actors / Staging Beliefs 2012 11:00 Renata Poljak (Croatia)

Sometime.Somewhere. 2009 06:38 Zohar Kfir (Israel/Canada)

Bledo / Pale 2013 20:00 Marko Grba Singh (Serbia) 50

A question and answer session with curator Bruce Allan, Aleksandra Sekulic, filmmaker Ognjen Glavonić, guest-curator of CZKD Cinema and others followed the programme.

Difference Screen begins and ends in the UK, commencing at Clearwell Caves, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, in July 2013 and concluding at Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, in December 2015. By then it will have gathered the experiences and impressions of many people in different countries – with its own history providing fuel for new considerations and thoughts.

Difference Screen is curated by artist Bruce Allan and curator/facilitator Ben Eastop, Co-Director of Difference Exchange. The programme has been developed with Difference Exchange through a unique and extensive network of international artists, curators and arts organisations, its routes and resources mapped and made public through this international journey.


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