“Great Style Lover”

18.06.2014. | 20:00

Sandra Rodic Jankovic Studio invites you

On Wednesday 18 June and Thursday 19 June at 20h

“Great Style Lover,” a comedy

This love is an incredible combination of circumstances. Ray Kuni has created a story about a man whose perceived reality of life leads him to enter into a lie that results in many absurd situations.

A variety of impossible coincidences lead to upheavals that he tries to cope with according to his theory that “truth is not binding if it is justified.” However, eventually it becomes difficult to discern what is real and what is a dream. How much madness justifies a “good” reason for lying in an attempt to bypass the fact that there is always an even better reason to tell the truth?

Writer: Ray Kuni

Stage Movement: Vesna Lukic Dubak

Directed by Sandra Jankovic Rodic

Cast: Master Class Study starring Sandra Jankovic Rodic

Free Admission


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