Promotion: Predrag Koraksić Corax’s book of caricatures “Past Continuous Tense: A Chronology/1990-2001”

17.12.2014. | 19:00

We invite you to attend the book of caricatures promotion

Past Continuous Tense: A Chronology/1990-2001

By Predrag Koraksić Corax

Wednesday, December 17th at 7pm

Center for Cultural Decontamination


dr Branka Prpa

Dušan Veličković

Ivan Čolović

Predrag Koraksić Corax

Corax’s book of caricatures “Past Continuous Tense: A Chronology/1990-2001”, published by Alexandria Press from Belgrade, with explanations and  notations by historians in the Serbian and English language, represents a unique guide through the past which still exists. The book was prepared by historian dr. Branka Prpa and the introductions were written by Dušan Makavejev, Bora Ćosić and Vladimir Pištalo.

The legendary caricaturist Predrag Koraksic Corax with his humorous and deadly drawings, better than any comment or analysis, described the situation in the former Yugoslavia in the past decades. CORAX daily chronicle of the worst years of our lives has a sobering and possibly a therapeutic effect.

About CORAX:

“In the amazing and seemingly so distant winter of  ’96 / 97th there was an inexplicable tide of so-called strollers in the cold… Nobody asked for nothing but that every vote be counted as one vote. I will gladly say that that winter magic owned much for its civic literacy to Corax’s graphic testimony“

Dušan Makavejev

“I do not know any caricaturist working anywhere in the world that is constantly so inventive and so consistently good”

Charles Simić

“… Great delight emanates from a man’s heart from Corax’s drawings that expose the evil, hatred, the murderous gift of the dictator, there’s no circus ring loudness…”

Bora Ćosić

“One of God’s commandments, loosely translated, reads: Do not be a false witness! Corax fulfills this commandment. Without an oasis of purity as is Corax’s work, our brutal time would look even worse. ”

Vladimir Pištalo

“Predrag Koraksić is the worst caricaturist in the world. When I look at his drawings, I feel I no longer want to be a leftist. ”

Mirjana Marković

Photo: Srđan Veljović


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