Follow up: “The Living, the Dead, and the Others” – 20 years of CZKD

01.01.2015. | 12:00


“The Living, the Dead, and the Others”


… to join us at the Center for Cultural Decontamination on 1 January 2015, at 12:00 noon, to celebrate, commemorate and continue doing what we started twenty years ago.


On 1 January 2015, the Center for Cultural Decontamination will have been in operation for twenty years. Perhaps presciently, we opened the first exhibition to the sound of a civil defense alarm.  Then we picked up off the floor and put back where they belong the documents, photographs, books and other objects that had survived many decades of discontinuity at Birčaninova 21, a space that was built for the arts and culture.

That was a clarion call to stake out the cultural and public domain and take political action at a time when it wasn’t necessary to explain why the name of the place is the “Center for Cultural Decontamination”.

The exhibition “The Living, the Dead and the Others” is made up of the names of the thousands of people who answered that call or the calls that came later, or who will answer new ones. It deliberately intervenes in the memorial tradition, expanding the concept of commemoration.  Signing the register is both a collective and individual act of authorship .

We congratulate you on twenty years of CZKD’s work.  We congratulate all of you/all of us who made and continue to make the Center a common, critical space, the cultural and public domain.

Contemporary morality-as-panic-attack demands that any celebration these days be labor-intensive, modest, conducted in the bosom of the family and in the spirit of thriftiness.  We invite you to share in (y)our rich and hearty legacy that promises more to come.  More of the courageous.  More of the unpredictable.

The a(rti)c(ula)tion continues.

Exhibition Opening on 1 January 2015, high noon.

Visiting hours are 4pm to 6pm from January 9th-20th.

Join us and find – or sign – yourself on/ to the list at the following link, starting from 1 January, at high noon:

Koncept: A.M. (Ana Miljanić inicijalno)

Urednički tim: Ana (Isaković, Miljanić), Borka (Pavićević) i Ljuba (Ljubica Slavković).

Zahvaljujemo: Radovanu Kupresu, Branku Paviću i Jovanu Ćirilovu na razgovorima, savetima i pomoći u toku pripreme izložbe “Živi, mrtvi i ostali”.

Art direkcija: Vjeko Sumić

Arhitekta: Ljubica Slavković

Arhiva CZKD-a: Ana Isaković

Web prezentacija: Ljubica Slavković

Web programer: Miša Kostić /

Izrada: SGSR Ljubinko Đurković

Tim Centra: Goran Cetinić, Barbara Davis, Ivica Đorđević, Ana Isaković, Lola Joksimović,

Ana Miljanić, Betim Nevzati, Dejan Pantić, Borka Pavićević, Tanja Petovar, Aleksandra Sekulić, Ljubica Slavković, Dragan Škorić, Slavica Vučetić

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