Art program CZKD 2015 – Exhibition and discussion „Deshaping“

15.10.2015. | 18:00

Likovni program CZKD 2015

Visual arts program Center for Cultural Decontamination
15th -20th October 2015

Exhibition and discussion „Deshaping“

15th of October, 18h

discussion „Deshaping“

Nela Hasanbegović i Daniel Premec, Goran Škofić, Igor Bošnjak, Gjorgje Jovanovik, Miodrag Krkobabić
Moderator: Aleksandra Sekulić

Artists invited into our action of Deshaping went through the education of art academies, after which they faced the infrastructure and possibilities of art production in the region of ex-Yugoslavia and wider international context, and now they have a chance to articulate their experience in their art production and education. In psychology the concept of „shaping“ is used to describe a practice of a successive approaching to the desired response through trials and rewards of segments of behavior. Have we been lead to responses desired for a system which no longer exists, is that logic sustainable? How did the shift of educational, political, media paradigmes, from shaping through the art academy education to deshaping in art production change the very elements of that cycle, is it transferrable into the education curriculum?

15th of October, 20h

Exhibition openning

Gjorgje Jovanovik, Goran Škofić, Igor Bošnjak, Nela Hasanbegović i Daniel Premec

Curator: Aleksandra Sekulić

The word Deshaping in everyday use has a negative connotation and resembles demasqing, disclosure, taking away a masque from something or recognizing a primary shape of an entity, hidden behind other shape. If we deal with this problem in art, it can be opposed to the concept of shaping, as a call for questioning given shapes of creating and action in art, given frames of visual art.

Art program of the Center for Cultural Decontamination is realized with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of Republic of Serbia.

Exhibition „Razobličavanje“, 15th to 20th October 2015


Nela Hasanbegović i Daniel Premec

Izgubljeni identiteti  Lost identities

Trokanalna video instalacija, HD, stereo │ Three-channel video installation, HD, stereo

Trajanje │ Duration: 13:17′ min, loop

Godina produkcije │ Year of production:  2013.

Kamera │Camera: Nela Hasanbegović, Daniel Premec, Iva Simčić
Montaža │Editing:  Nela Hasanbegović, Daniel Premec
Jezik │Language: Bosnian-Herzegovinian and English

Titlovi │Subtitles: English

Prijevod │Translation: Silvija Dervišefendić

Priča o ribiStory about fish Autorica: Nela Hasanbegović

Video instalacija, HD, stereo, BW │ Video installation, HD, stereo, BW

Trajanje │ Duration: 5′ min, loop

Godina produkcije │ Year of production:  2013.

Kamera │Camera: Nela Hasanbegović
Montaža │Editing:  Nela Hasanbegović
Jezik │Language: Bosnian-Herzegovinian

Igor Bošnjak


video / hdv / color / sound / 8:35 min

Godina produkcije/year of production: 2015


Goran Škofić

BLACK / video performance

Tehnika/Technique: video Full HD, screen projection
Trajanje/Duration: 09.29, loop 

Godina/Year: 2014

On the black background, there is a man who with a performative action merges with the background.

Gjorgje Jovanovik

Multifunctional backpack for protests”, part of the project Inventions for You, Wonderful People!  




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