The Liberating Laughter: An Introduction to Feral Tribune

04.03.2016. | 19:00

A round table discussion:

Presentation of Boris Pavelić‘s monograph

The Liberating Laughter: An Introduction to Feral Tribune

On journalism today, on media and satire in the times of the latest exodus of free speech from public social space

Publishing house Adamić

From the early 1990s and the beginning of the clashes in Yugoslavia all the way up to the contemporary political and migrant crisis that is sending shockwaves throughout Europe and that puts the EU values at test, there were only a small number of papers that managed by the virtue of their own persistence, uncompromised work and high journalist moral imperative to stand up against the insanity of war and the shortsightedness of the ones responsible for conducting such a catastrophic politics. Such a paper was the satirical Feral Tribune from Split, while today it is the critical voices of “feralians” that are active throughout the regional media space. Boris Pavelić’s magisterial book The Liberating Laughter – An Introduction to Feral Tribune has put the spotlight to the paper and the times that experienced its revolutionary influence. The book represents an extraordinary cause to discuss the free speech, the circumstances in the media and the boundaries of satirical practice in contemporary political conditions.

Discussion participants: Viktor Ivančić, Predrag Lucić, Boris Dežulović, Boris Pavelić, Svetlana Lukić

Moderator: Saša Ilić

The program supported by the Center for Cultural Decontamination,  forumZFD and the IK Adamić, will continue with a satirical performance:

Studio Ludez

Predrag Lucić & Boris Dežulović

Melodies of Laughter and Freedom

Listen to the audio of the event here. 

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