The Ministry of Space: “Participative Management of Spaces”, Giovanni Allegretti

16.05.2016. | 18:00

The Ministry of Space collective is inviting you to attend the lecture “Participative Management of Spaces” by Giovanni Allegretti on Monday, 16th March at 6 p.m. at the Center for Cultural Decontamination, Birčaninova street 21.

The lecture will be in English and it will tackle managing mechanisms, right to participate and participative processes, while focusing on spatial resources, irrelevant of manner in which they are obtained – by occupying some space or getting it from private owners or municipal authorities.

Giovanni Allegretti is an architect, urban planner and senior researcher in the Center for Social Studies at the University of Coimbra, Portugal. The main focus of his research topics have been participatory budgeting, development of techniques for citizens’ participation in urban planning. He has been lecturer and researcher in over 50 countries, employed by different local municipalities, several non-governmental organizations and some international institutions.

With this event, the Ministry of Space opens a series of lectures, panels and discussions on new urban policies – “TOWARDS A DIFFERENT CITY”.

This event is supported by the regional office of Heinrich Böll Stiftung in Belgrade.

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