Liceulice: What we talk about when we talk about pop culture

30.06.2016. | 19:00

On the occasion of a new issue of “Liceulice” magazine, as we are used to do, we are organizing a public discussion on the key topic of this issue. We are organizing on Thursday 30th June at 7 pm, as a part of the “Liceulice week”, a panel entitled “What we talk about when we talk about pop culture.” It is inspired by the contents of the new issue of the magazine that are dealing with connections between the pop culture that we consume and the society that we live in.

Participants of the panel will be:

Vida Knežević (the editor of the “Mašina” portal and member of the “Kontekst” collective)

Dejan Ilić (the editor of publishing house “Fabrika knjiga”)

Miloš Janković (longtime collaborator of the “Liceulice” magazine).

Moderator: Bojan Marjanović (the editor of the “Liceulice” magazine).

If you are interested in…

–          How are films/music/books/comics/games and other contents that we consume influencing our attitudes and world-views

–          Would it and in what manner the insertion of pop cultural contents in schooling programs be useful, and what is the meaning of division between pop and high culture in general

–          Is it even possible, when we know that a good portion of pop cultural contents depends on the framework of capitalist production, that some areas of pop culture could be useful for subversive activity

–          In what way are possible, if not subversive acts in pop culture, then at least subversive interpretations of it

–          Why do we constantly distinguish people on the basis of the sort of pop culture that they consume, and what is the nature of such divisions

…. see you then on Thursday!


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