The Conference MAN2016: Gender and Number

01.06.2016. | 17:00

The Conference MAN2016: Gender and Number

From 1st to 3rd June 2016

It is our great pleasure to invite you, as the representative of the E8 Center to our yearly professional conference, the sixth one, entitled MAN2016: Gender and Number. The conference represents a place of gathering for professionals who in various fields of their work deal with the issues of gender, gender equality, nonviolent conflict solving and promotion of positive social values in youth population. It is envisioned, above all, to offer an opportunity for professional that work with youth to advance their knowledge and use of feminism and critique of masculinity. The conference has become, during the past six years of its continuous existence, a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences within the professional public opinion at national, regional and broader international level.

This year’s MAN2016 conference is inspired by statistical data that point out to an unequal distribution of power between men and women. The main question to be answered on the conference is: What does it take to increase the number of women occupying decisive social functions? In other words, what does it take to change the statistical figures that show that women are exclusively more numerous as victims of gender-based violence, as fulfillers of stereotypical social roles, that they are the victims of the very structures that utilize their unpaid labor?

The pane participants of the first day of the conference are Zoran Kesić, Marko Somborac, Dragan Ilić and Zijah Sokolović, who will try to give answers to the question: “WHO IS A REAL MAN IN SERBIA?”. On the second day the professionals will speak within the following sessions: “GENDER AND NUMBER”, “SUM AND QUOTIENT OF PRIVILEGES IN PARTIARCHY” and “SENSATIONAL: WOMEN ARE PEOPLE TOO!”. The third day will be dedicated to the issue of engaged and responsible fatherhood and Super-dads, under the title: “DADS ALSO LIKE TO SNUG”.

The conference GENDER AND NUMBER is gathering professionals from the fields of media, culture, art and humanities as well as activists that deal with the issues of femininity and masculinity in an effort to change gender stereotypes in the grammar of our everyday life. JOIN US!

Please, find the agenda with a detailed program of the conference and our wonderful speaker. Please, confirm your participation on the conference by registering by 26th May on the following link:

For all additional information we can be contacted by e-mail or telephone 060/ 4088867.

The E8 Center team


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