Learn and Talk about Srebrenica

07.07.2016. | 19:00

On the occasion of marking the 21st anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide, the Humanitarian Law Center hereby invites you to join us in our endeavour to

Learn and Talk about Srebrenica

7 July 2016, Belgrade

13:00 – Media centar, 1st floor (Great Hall)

Presentation of an Interactive Narrative: SREBRENICA: GENOCIDE IN EIGHT ACTS

Speaker: Mirko Klarin, author of the narrative, Director of SENSE Agency

19:00 – Center for Cultural Decontamination

A discussion with:

Ms. Florence Hartmann, journalist and former spokesperson of the ICTY Prosecutor’s Office, author of the recently published book „The Srebrenica Affair: The Blood of Realpolitik“

Mr. Ivica Đikić, publicist and writer, editor of Novosti (Croatia), author of the recently published documentary novel ’Beara’

Ms. Nidžara Ahmetašević, journalist and publicist from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mr. Dejan Anastasijević, journalist from Serbia

The discussion will be moderated by Ms. Sandra Orlović, Executive Director of Humanitarian Law Center.

Simultaneous interpretation into English will be provided during both events.

The organization of these events is sponsored by the Swiss Embassy to Serbia and to Montenegro.


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