A short course on spatial and urban planning

11.08.2016. | 18:00

The Ministry of Space collective invites you to attend presentation of the publication “A Small Guide through City Planning” and a lecture by Milan Stajić, architect and urbanist.

In order for city growth and environmental improvement to be impartial, all interested sides should be adequately and timely informed about current developments and to have access to the knowledge about the planned growth and its consequences, as well as to be included in all the phases of planning. The reality of Serbia shows that the information and the decisive influence are in the hands of the economic and political elite that initiates urban planning developments, while participation of citizens depends on their comprehension of the consequences of the ongoing urban planning and on their ability to organize themselves non-institutionally in most of the cases. No matter if the struggle for the protection of local communities against unjust urban planning is being held on the street or in administrative ways through formal objections to the urban plan in question, the understanding of urban planning is becoming necessary.

The idea of this lecture is to get acquainted with the vocabulary, the procedures and the actors of spatial and urban planning, with the frameworks and legal background of the urban planning, as well as with basic methods and mechanisms for analysis and planning of city’s spatial organization.

After the lecture you can take a copy of the publication “A Small Guide through City Planning” also available on: https://issuu.com/ministarstvoprostora/docs/prirucnik_.

This event is a part of a series of lectures, panels and discussions on new urban policies entitled “Towards a Different City”.

This event was supported by the regional office of Heinrich Boll Foundation in Belgrade.


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