Zagreb Review and Update: Goran Škofić

17.10.2016. | 19:00

Zagreb Review and Update: Goran Škofić

Artists talk and video installation


Within the framework of the long term program „Zagreb Review and Update“, this year we present the artist Goran Škofić, whose work in the field of new media, experiments of artistic intervention creates a specific discourse, representative of a generation shaped by the transformation of artistic infrastructure and production by the shift to new media. In his latest piece On the Beach, Škofić introduces Mediterranean Sea as the space of borders, and also as a supra-historical continuity built into the traumas, movement and wider social processes.


October 17th at 7pm

Artist’s presentation, moderated by Aleksandra Sekulić, curator of CZKD program

Presentation of the video installation „On the Beach“


October 18th -20th

Video installation „On the Beach“ CZKD, 2pm – 6pm


Na plaži/ On the Beach


Croatia,  2016, Experimental (One take)

Duration: 24min

Language: Croatian, subtitles: English

One take. One sea, one sky, and one beach. And many people who go somewhere. Some search for something, others wait. Some are silent, some talk. Some are alone, some are in company, some aren’t there. Some hear something, others pretend. Some are not sure if they had already seen all that, others think it was different in past. Some search for something better, some stay in the gallery and watch them leave.

Film team (Crew)

Director: Goran Škofić

Screenplay: Jasna Žmak, Goran Škofić

Assistant director: Juraj Lerotić

Producer: Igor Grubić

Line producer: Tena Gojić
DOP: Raul Brzić

Sound design: Martin Semenčić

Color correction: Borko Grujić, Bold Studio

Artist’s statement


A large group of people presented in the film is a motif that paints a picture of a society.

Idyllic beach, view at the sea, static sky through an absurd situation and communication of characters point to hermetic nature of contemporary society and human relationships. Whether this is a case of some sort of an exodus or space metamorphosis or perhaps purification or it is just a Mediterranean trip in people’s heads has not been confirmed. The viewer is free to think and interpret these reasons for himself.

Previous screenings


– One Take Film Festival, Kino Europa, Zagreb, Croatia 2016

– Vizura Aperta, Audio-visual Art Festival, Zlarin, Croatia 2016

– 25th Days of Croatia Film, Kino Europa, Zagreb, Croatia 2016

– 14th Tabor Film Festival, Croatia 2016

– Avvantura Film Festival, Zadar, Croatia 2016 – Special Mention

– Pogon Jedinstvo (solo show), Zagreb, Croatia 2016

– 51st Zagreb Salon of Visual Art (group show), Zagreb, Croatia 2016 – Grand Prix

Artist/Director biography

The use of body and its control or manipulation through the media of photography, film, video and multimedia installations are the main characteristics of the work of media artist Goran Škofić (b. Pula 1979). By using the potential of moving images and the transformation of space through media, Škofić explores in his works social deformations and different absurdities of the everyday life, very often starring himself. Despite dealing with meaningful topics, he often includes humor and self-irony in his work. Having graduated from the Arts Academy in Split, he continued his art and research work through residencies in France, Switzerland, Belgium, US and Brazil. His works are regularly displayed on exhibitions and festivals in Croatia and abroad. He got Radoslav Putar Award for the best artists up to 35 years, and Grand Prix on 51st Zagreb Salon of Visual Art.For further texts, visuals and a biography, visit his web page.

Center for Cultural Decontamination was supported to realize CZKD / Visual Arts Program in 2016 by the Ministry of Culture and Information of Republic of Serbia.
The event Zagreb Review and Update / Goran Skofic was supported by the Ministry of Culture of Croatia.


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