Towards a Different City: Belgrade on Wheels, Waiting for the Metro

08.12.2016. | 20:01

Is a metro the key traffic solution, after years of traffic jams, or is it just a minor part of the solution? Can we have a metro? Do we need one? Are we worthy of it? The Ministry of Space collective invites you for a lecture and discussion about the manners of getting about the big city on Thursday 8th December at 6 pm in the Center for Cultural Decontamination, Birčaninova street 21. Within the framework of a serial entitled “Towards a Different City” the topic will be presented by Karlo Polak, the president of the Association of Railroad Enthusiasts and an activist.

The Association of Railroad Enthusiasts is for the last four years working on popularization of railroad traffic, participate in public discussions, conducts research, collaborate with other institutions and organize petitions, all in the name of development of railroad systems. The association is promoting a new and integral strategy of railroad development that would improve the conditions for both pedestrian and cyclist traffic, advance safety in traffic, regulate the negative impact of traffic on the environment and reduce the number of fossil fueled vehicles by suggesting quality alternatives and not only legal stipulations. Towards that end, the goal of the association is collaboration and creating a platform for common interests.

This program was supported by the regional office of the Heinrich Boll Stiftung in Belgrade.


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