Jovan Bačkulja’s Musical Cinema: Siniša Dugonjić’s “Fanzines from Mars”

01.12.2016. | 19:00

Discussion about the film: Jovan Bačkulja and Danilo Milošev Wostok

Siniša Dugonjić’s film “Fanzines from Mars” (2011) deals with the practice of “fanzineing”, of self-organized samizdat production that supported the independent network of cultural exchange, knowledge and alternative culture. The discussion will include a member of that scene, multi-artist and renown comic strip author Wostok.

Siniša Dugonjić, “Fanzines from Mars”, 2011 35’

During the 1990s there was a scene in Serbia that included very different characters: strip authors, serious hardcore fans, relatively young writers and poets, freedom fighters, intellectuals, future NGO or orthodox activists, filmmakers, hustlers and underground trendy people, and probably some fakers or egomaniacs, honestly speaking. All of them have been writing something, cut-and-pasted, reviewed their buddies concerts, theorized, drew comics, made collages, and then Xeroxed it, mailed it and done what is nowdays called networking. Back then it was called just fanzineing.

Participants in the film: Ivan Glišić, Danilo Milošev Wostok, Bogdan Milošev Boća, Nandor Ljubanović, Ivan Velisavljević, Vasa Radovanović and Uroš Smiljanić.

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