Methods, film program curated by: Sebestyén Kodolányi

06.12.2016. | 19:00

Metode  / Methods

filmprogram curated by: Sebestyén Kodolányi

screening from video files

The history of our region in the 20th century was strongly informed by modernist, avant-guardist approaches. Post-socialist narratives in the last 25 years tended to exclusivey interpret the progressive, experimental artistic initatives of the previous era within the context of cultural resistance or subversion. There has been much and well justified talk about fals prophets, but at the same time it has never been mentioned and thus is forgotten that those regimes had founded their dogmas on socially sensitive, collectivist, humanistic ideas of the historical left, with the goal of modernizing society through education. Such basic values – that came regrettably distorted and schematized by the political apparatuses – included active participation in the community life, antifasism, workers’ selfgovernance and culture, emancipation of the mentaly ill, and empowerment of segregated social groups, in every country of our region, Hungary and the ex-Yugoslavian member states included.

In our differently oriented socialist redistribution systems, within the framework of state funded fimproduction, a good few works were created in which not the critical attitude but inherently positive, educational intentions prevailed, and whose directors attempted to invest their medium with a real social function in order to increase their experiments’ impact.

The present program is an attempt to work out a comparative curatorial method that reaches beyond the scope of national retrospections, in order to present the films with the possibility of a more contemporary interpretation.

Metode / Methods / Módszerek, dir.: Judit Vas, Mađarska, orig. format: 35mm bw&col., 21′, 1968

Vesela Klasa / Merry Working Class, dir.: Bojana Makavejev, Jugoslavija, 1969., orig. format: 35mm, bw, 13′, 1969

Pokrovitelji / Patrons / Mecénások, dir.: László Vitézy, Mađarska, 1976., orig. format: 35mm, bw&col., 24′, 1976

Nek se čuje i naš glas / Let our voices be heard, dir.: Kristo Papič, Jugoslavija, 1971., orig. format: 16mm, col, 16′, 1971

Mislim da je život jako zabavan / I Think Life is Great Fun /Nekem az élet teccik nagyon, dir.: Katalin Macskássy, Mađarska, 1975., orig. format: 35mm, col., 9′, 1975

Kad sam bio mali, bio sam zdrav i veseo / I Was Little, I Was Healthy And Merry / Ko sem majhen bil, sem bil zdrav, vesel, dir.: Jože Pogačnik, Jugoslavija, 1969., orig. format: 35mm, col., 11′, 1969

The program in shortened form:

Metode (Módszerek), Judit Vas, Mađarska, 1968., 21 min

Vesela Klasa, Bojana Marijan, Jugoslavija, 1969., 13 min

Pokrovitelji (Mecénások), László Vitézy, Mađarska, 1976., 24 min

Nek se čuje i naš glas, Krsto Papić, Jugoslavija, 1971., 16 min

Mislim da je život jako zabavan (Nekem az élet teccik nagyon), Katalin Macskássy, Mađarska, 1975., 9 min

Kad sam bio mali, bio sam zdrav i veseo (Ko sem majhen bil, sem bil zdrav, vesel), Jože Pogačnik, Jugoslavija, 1969., 11 min

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