Theater performance Transfigurations

24.03.2017. | 18:00

The result of the workshop Cultural Faces of the Balkans – Unknown Stories with Junaid Sarieddeen of the Zoukak Theatre from Beirut.

Participants from six different countries, speaking eight different languages, sharing the same space at the same time, exchanging stories about their personal transfigurations.

Through the topic of “transfigurations” we developed a dramaturgical workshop line. “Transfigurations” are the states of transformation that an individual experiences, a liminal existence between two states which comes from a certain context that brings about change, which can vary between normative personal identities, social pressure and political limitations.

Society relates to the individual in a chosen way, using the principle “rejection” or “acceptance”, based on how they are defined – through identity, physical appearance, values, beliefs, political views, social affiliations or gender orientation. This state creates a constant tension between the individual and the context in which he or she exists. When these tensions reach an extreme, they cause an extraordinary social phenomenon; angels or beasts, whose existence transcends into extraordinary iconography – either marginalized or absolutely idolized.

Junaid Sarieddeen

Through working in the workshop the participants explored different senses of the individual and of social transfiguration, connected with personal and collective issues, especially in troublesome moments of “new beginnings” and “new ends”, dealing with personal choices and social motives that bring about some kind of “transfiguration”.

The workshop Cultural Faces of the Balkans – Unknown Stories – Transfiguration lead by Junaid Sarieddeen, actor writer and director of the Zoukak theatre from Beirut, uses a theatre technique which connects drama-therapy and social theatre techniques, as a means of transferring knowledge and transforming inner realities into social and relational spheres. With this artistic approach the participants of the play have fun, become relaxed and enjoy their own creativity. The result of the workshop will be creating a theatre play, the dramaturgy of which is built based on personal improvisation of the workshop participants, directed primarily at migrant and local communities, but also at the society of Serbia and Europe.

Performance: March 24th 2017 at 6pm

After the performance there will be a debate with the audience.

This project is financed from the Kingdom’s of the Netherlands in Belgrade MATRA program.


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