Unheard Stories – a digital photography workshop

21.05.2017. | 11:00

The origins of members of a community are irrelevant in everyday life, which is an important characteristic of successful communities.

Even though culture is an important part of everyday social life, it is rarely considered one of the basic tools of repressing and stopping racism, xenophobia and intolerance.

Within the project SOKAK, through cultural and artistic activities, we create a space for an open dialogue and integration of migrant and local communities, in order to build positive narratives for encouraging an intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding, and raising awareness within local communities about their neighbors. Through our activities we address the direct needs of migrants, giving them a space to express themselves and offer their creative voice in an environment labeled as a “migrant crisis”.

Refugees have travelled with suitcases in the past, now they travel carrying their mobile phones, like a kind of digital luggage. Mobile phones are an irreplaceable tool for survival during migrations, because they are used for moving between worlds, translating languages, sending messages to families at home, making plans for the future with the help of networks in destination countries.

The activities of the project “Unheard Stories” – a digital photography workshop, is based on the idea of interaction among generations – the migrant communities in camps and their peers from local communities, through the mobile phone medium, as the main tool of communication between  generations worldwide.

The goal of this workshop is to develop basic photographic skills through analyzing and discussion about various aspects of photography.

Unheard Stories – a digital photography workshop will be realized in cooperation with Dom Omladine in Belgrade, from the 21st to the 25th of May.

The workshop will be led by Stefana Savić – a photographer, artist and lecturer (New Academy of Art).

Because of a limited number of participants, submissions must be sent by email to info@czkd.org by May 12th 2017. Participation is free.

Today, all you need to make a good photograph is a phone with a camera and a bit of enthusiasm. The goal of the workshop of digital photography is to develop basic photographic skills through the integration of technical study, aesthetic and technical analysis, as well as discussions about various aspects of photography – from Photoshop to sharing.

The workshop will cover the basics of digital SLR, digital recording, lighting, composition, techniques and photo processing.

During the 5 days of the workshop, the 15 participants will work together in creating content, exchange experiences and knowledge, as well as become better acquainted with the culture and values of both target groups. The photographic task that the participants will have at the end of the workshop will be to make photographs covering the topic of integration in a new/familiar environment, and their content will allow us to present exciting stories, feelings and histories that form our reality, and they will have a large part in our online exhibition.

Pictured: Donya Kashkooly (Iran) in the CZKD yard


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