2nd Edition of International Experimental Film Festival – The Unforeseen

12.11.2017. | 00:00

17-18. November 2017.

International experimental film festival THE UNFORESEEN is conceptualized as a support for reflection, development and production of experimental film. This festival is envisaged as opening a space for articulating a new politics of public support and of providing infrastructure, educational and production models in the development of experimental film. It is going to be achieved through discussing the meaning of the experimental film today as well as its possible practices. The format will be the one of educational, special and competition film program as well as of discussions and lectures.

CINE-SCOPE – Competition 8/16mm

This curated program is brought to you in collaboration between The Unforeseen Film Festival and the analog film lab and audio-visual initiative from Belgrade, Kino Pleme. Aim of this selection is to showcase the most exciting works of analog cinema today, coming both from the circuit of international film labs and filmmakers who work independently on 8 and 16mm.

SHOWCASE – Digital film

This program is a continuation of last year’s festival edition, focusing its attention on contemporary international experimental film production, which incorporates the achievements of modern technologies in the development of the film language and its forms.

Until November 12th, 2017 films in three genres (experimental film, experimental animation and experimental documentary) can be submitted to the Cine- Scope – Competition 8 and 16mm at The Unforeseen 2017. Films have to be produced on 8 and 16 formats since 2016 and should be no longer than 20 mins in length.

Films need to submitted in digital formats (preferably mp4) via wetransfer to : nepredvidjeni@gmail.com or kinopleme@gmail.com

E-mail: nepredvidjeni@gmail.com

Artistic adviser: Aleksandra Sekulić
Editors: Ivica Đorđević, Adam Ranđelović, Marko Milićević
PR: Ana Isaković
Design of the poster: Adam Ranđelović, Ivica Đorđević
Technical production: Medijska arheologija
CZKD Team: Adam Ranđelović, Aleksandra Sekulić, Ana Isaković, Borka Pavićević, Dejan Pantić, Dragan Škorić, Ivica Đorđević, Lola Joksimović, Ljubica Slavković, Luna Đorđević, Slavica Vučetić


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