CZKd Forum – Challenges of European Integrations

23.06.2018. | 16:00

We invite you to come to CZKD on 23rd June 2018 at 4 pm at the CZKD Forum “Challenges of European Integrations”, which is an open dialogue format as the first principle of a free society and a real human discourse. In addition to representatives of civil society organizations, local and migrant communities, the debate will be attended by international artists from the Artistic residences Borderline Offensive – laughing in the face of fear, organized by the Center for Cultural Decontamination.

CZKD implements several projects that deal with the challenges of European integrations from a local and European perspective in a variety of ways, which stimulate discussion, seek concrete solutions, speak about different cases, practices and experiences of the participants in the project, where we are all in the spirit of civic participation. In this way, we open a space for creative ideas in different areas we deal with in the context of our country.

We are expecting you on Saturday, 23rd June 2018, from 4pm to 5pm at the CZKD’ Pavilion Veljković in Birčaninova Street 21.

CZKD will present at the CZKd Forum a comic book ” The Young Migrant’s Guide to the Human Rights Galaxy ” created by young authors for their peers and explaining what human rights are. The comic gives young people from migrant communities the knowledge to recognize stigmatization and discrimination, as well as violations of their basic human rights, and gives the confidence to defend themselves. (You have the right to feel safe, to be safe, as well as to have a place to take refuge with your family).

This publication was created under the CZKD project “The Young Migrant’s Guide to the Human Rights Galaxy” aimed at improving access to knowledge and creating innovative learning programs for younger generations of migrants that would enable them to become young community leaders, helping migrants to identify and reporting stigma, discrimination and human rights violations.

The project is supported by the Foundation Ana and Vlade Divac together with partners Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund, Novosadski humanitarni centar and Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia, within the framework of the EU-funded project “Help on the route – Encouraging the Protection of Human Rights of Migrants Passing through Macedonia and Serbia”.


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