Borderline Offensive Steering Committee Project Meeting

19.09.2018. | 10:00

From September 19th to September 25th 2018, the Center for Cultural Decontamination will host a project meeting of the Borderline Offensive Steering Committee. The Committee is gathering 12 international partners from EU and MENA countries who are participating in this project. During this meeting, all representatives will discuss themes that are essential for the further successful realisation of the project, such as: Presentation of working methods of the international artists during the Artistic residencies, related to intercultural dialogue or integration by members of the Steering Committee, including peer learning and participatory and performance activities, within presentations; Evaluation of the Artistic residencies held between May and July 2018 in 5 countries; Selection of the artworks created and proposed during the Residencies by Artistic Committee and Steering Committee during the meeting; Decision on further production and financing of the selected artworks; Final setting on the international Tour of the Artworks during 2020.

List of participants

Lola Joksimović (CZKD)
Tiago Prata (TILTT)
Sikko Cleveringa (Keunstwerk)
Margarita Dorovska (House of Humor and Satire)
Zuzana Kotikova (CIKE +KAIR)
Gordan Bosanac (CMS)
Lea Horvat (CMS)
Despina Syrri (Symbiosis)
Ljubiša Vrencev (Symbiosis)
Junaid Sarieddeen (Zoukak Theater)
Saliha Yavuz (Anadolu Kultur)
Serra Ozhan (MitOst)
Sally Abu Bakr (Ramalah Municipality)
Abdullah Alkafri (Ettijahat Independent Culture)
Vuk Radulovic (ECOC Novi Sad 2021)
Milica Vukadinovic (ECOC Novi Sad 2021)
Lela Vujanic (ECOC Rijeka 2020)
Simona Neumann (tbc who) (ECOC Timisoara2021)
Karsten Blomvik (Comedy Box/Norway)

Welcome to Belgrade!

About Borderline Offensive

Borderline Offensive is an artistic project lasting four years (2017-2020), dedicated to creative research and social development based on art, which engages artists to explore issues of migration and social cohesion of communities in contemporary Europe, through the medium of black humor as aesthetic / poetic expression and laughter as a mechanism for intercultural socialisation and the creation of a collective identity.

If only two different persons can smile at the same joke, a most difficult and important achievement has been performed: the implicit, tacit and joyful titillation of their common humanity.

Take a look at the full Borderline Offensive Manifesto here

About the BO Artistic Residencies

The Borderline Offensive artistic call to arms for artists received over 130 applications from 23 countries, of which 20 applicants were chosen to join the artistic residency during the summer of 2018 in Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Serbia, Slovakia and Sweden.

The selected artists were invited to join the three-year research and process of social development. The artists took part in artistic workshops in the mentioned 5 countries for 10 days, with the goal of conceiving artistic workshops to encourage the dialogue between migrants/refugees and local communities. At the meeting, to be held in September 2018, a number of artworks will be selected for the international tour, which will take place in 2019 in various European countries. The artworks, experiences and implemented processes will all be presented at a final international conference in Goteborg in Sweden in 2020.

Find out more about the BO Residency in Serbia here

Borderline Offensive is co-financed by the EU within the program Creative Europe and Västra Götalandsregionens kulturnämnd, and is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information in Serbia.


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