Trubē – What will happen when the digital revolution enters the courtrooms?

29.09.2018. | 19:00

A performance organised by the Heartefact Fund will take place on Saturday, September 9th at 7pm at the Center for Cultural Decontamination, where you will have the chance to jointly explore and create a future where truth takes over the court rooms (once again).

Did you ever have the chance to be part of a jury? No? Of course not.

They tell us we live in societies of post-truth and post-science. This may be true, but justice still depends on the truth? Yes? Of course it does.

They tell us that AI, whose algorithm functions are based on human bias, poses an incredible threat. Yes? Of course it does.

But ask yourselves – does the decision-making process of the judge and the jury (which we don’t have) not include the black box of human bias? Can a bias then be avoided here? (It can’t). What happens next? In the time of a digital revolution, what is the interior and what the exterior? What is the right to a fair trial? What is the right to remain silent?

Our institutions are undergoing a digital revolution, which will change all familiar concepts. And us? Do we just suffer that revolution or do we try to lead it?

Welcome to 2045, to a courtroom where you can have a say. Welcome to the future. TheTruthTech™ is working with an international consortium of interdisciplinary researchers combining art, humanities, science and technology to create something new: Trubē™ is an intelligent technology which will revolutionize judicial systems all over the world. Still operating in stealth mode, the project is carrying out underground concept tests in Belgrade, in Avignon, Dijon and Paris in France, in Brussels and Louvain-la-Neuve in Belgium, and in Sarajevo. You are invited to participate in the development of a new paradigm: a collaborative justice and therapeutic jurisprudence for the 21st century where man and machine work as one. You will witness a radical make-over of our tired idea of a tribunal, with its anachronistic theatricality, its dreary procedures and its sclerotic power structures. You will even be able to try Trubē™ out for yourselves and see how one day our relationships to institutions and to ourselves will all be “trubified”.

In Europe trust in the judicial system is lowest in the Balkans. And 10 years of judicial reform in Serbia is ushering in the Anglo-Saxon model of adversarial procedure to replace the Germanic inquisitional one. TheTruthTech™ believes these are not the only alternatives and that another way is possible, which can extricate us from what has been called our current “epidemic of injustice”, without forgoing fundamental rights and restoring trust through a participative, democratic justice. Young Serbians today live in “a transitional state”, a state in reform, and are not burdened with the certainty of rights that characterise the youth of Western Europe. To invent a new and just future we need you.

Please, research with us and come and create this future where truth finally reigns in our tribunals.

If you’re not able to follow the event in CZKD, you can also watch it live on a unique interactive platform


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