“Coming of Rage in Bosnia and Herzegovina” film screening

21.06.2019. | 20:00

A screening of the episodal documentary film “Coming of Rage in Bosina and Herzegovina” (2018) by Sammy Khamis and Krsto Lazarević, produced by Styrtv, will take place at CZKD on Friday, June 21st at 8pm. There will be a discussion following the film.

After an almost two-year break, comes a new season of Rage. This time in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The country which was at war 25 years ago. The country with the “most complicated system of government in the world”: as many inhabitants as Berlin but with a divided country, three governments and 180 ministers. The country where pretty much anyone over the age of 14 is considering whether to stay or leave.

The country which hardly anyone knows about in Germany, while in Bosnia and Herzegovina almost everyone has a connection to Germany.

In five 10 to 12 minute parts, Sammy Khamis and Krsto Lazarević talk about the life and frustration of young people in Bosnia-Herzegovina. 



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