“The Museum of Real History” [2019] by Ivana Šáteková, the Zoukak Theatre Group and Abduljabbar Alsuhili will be presented on Wednesday, September 18th and Thursday, September 19th from 7pm to 8pm at CZKD, within the Borderline Offensive Tour.

About the artwork

a Lecture-performance within a totally-not-fake exhibition that explores conspiracy theories mixing fiction and harsh realities to create an alternate reality about global migration that nourishes mass-paranoia.

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Artistic statement

Our desire to create “THE MUSEUM OF REAL HISTORY”, come from an urge to question growing phenomena of conspiracy theories. A phenomenon that mixes fiction and harsh reality in order to create an alternative reality which only purpose is to nourish the masses paranoia presenting the problem of the world insolvable and engaging in an infinite cycle of mystical/political hallucinations, that forbids us to act or to think in order to move forward in the complex and rusty process of global social change.

We are aspiring in this project to underline the absurdity of these theories and revealing by using humor the insult it represents to collective and individual intelligence on daily bases, and this by proposing to an a fake/real museum an exhibition of artworks (drawings, embroideries, videos, fake maps, earth models, manipulated photos…) that we will make look like scientific evidence in order to create an incontestable parallel reality. The idea of these works would be to create confusing evidence that link conspiracy theories such as the pyramid were built by aliens with the global migration crisis or global warming with the disappearance of the Malaysian airlines airplane.

About the artists

Ivana Šateková is a painter and new media artist, living and working in Bratislava, Slovakia. In her work, she searches for the form of current folklore and explores memory by connecting elements of comics and folk art, using humor and the pursuit of the absurd as a critical tool to point out different oddities of contemporary society. Ivana has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany and Austria.

Ivana Šateková, with the other 2 artists, was part of the Borderline Offensive artistic residency in Gothenburg & Tjörn, Sweden in 2018, in collaboration with the Nordic Watercolour Museum – from where the idea for “The Museum of Real History” originated.

Abduljabbar Alsuhili is an actor and cultural activist from Sanaʽa Yemen, using his craft for social and political change and development of performing arts scene in Yemen. As part of the Rawabiit Cultural and Media foundation, he has produced plays, stand-up comedy, radio and TV shows. Abduljabbar was the first ICORN artist-in-refuge in Helsingborg, Sweden from 2016-2018, period during which he was part of several local artistic productions and projects.

Zoukak Theatre Company, based in Beirut, Lebanon, is an internationally-prized platform for theatrical creation and experimentation, a non-hierarchical structure dedicated to theatre practice as a social and political involvement, with a belief in theatre as a space for common reflection and in collectivity as a position against marginalizing systems. Omar Abi Azar is a theatre director and founding member of Zoukak Theatre Company. He was the dramaturge and director of several of Zoukak’s performances that toured in various cities in the Middle East, Europe, the United States, South America, South Asia and Africa.

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