Fourth annual International Experimental Film Festival “The Unforeseen”

22.11.2019. | 19:00

The fourth annual International Experimental Film Festival “The Unforeseen” will take place at CZKD from November 22nd to 23rd 2019. Over the course of two days, within the selection titled “Anemic Cinema” the audience will be able to see two hours and ten minutes of new short experimental films from all over the world, which test the limits and possibilities of the language of film in an imaginative and fresh way.

Apart from film experiments, there will also be a marathon of short films by Yevgeny Yufit, titled “Necrorealism in film”, a lecture by prof Luka Bešlegić (FMK) on the crucial questions of the current state of experiemntal film – what is considered experimental today? Ivana Rajić, award-winning camerawoman and photographer, Luka Bešlagić, theorist and lecturer at FMK, author of books “Two Languages of Novels” and “Theory of Experimental Text Production” and Manja Ristić, violinist, known for her contributions to the field of sound-art – are part of a jury which will decide on one or several best films from the selection (First prize: the “Tom Gotovac” award and Special recognition). There will be an Audience Award this year as well.

Following the end of the second day, the audio-visual program of this year’s Festival, traditionally, will close with a music performance by Manja Ristić.


Friday, November 22nd

7pm Official opening of the festival:

7:15pm Special program:
“Necrorealism on film”, short film marathon (1984 – 1989) by Soviet and Russian director Yevgeny Yufit. Grotesque, anti-epic, pathology and absolute denial of death.

8:30pm Anemic Cinema I: Competition program

Part one of the competition program (duration: 65 minutes):

1. Chiemy Shimada “Chiyo” (12:39)
2. Sebastian Wiedermann “Obatala film” (6:51)
3. Vivian Ostrovsky “Unsound” (4:02)
4. Carlos Adriano “A rotina terra” (10:04)
5. Jessica Giacobbe “Mother Feather” (2:49)
6. Ed Carter “Spring II” (9:58)
7. Igor Toholj “Transposition” (5:25)
8. Heehyun Choi “Betweentheeyes2” (2:48)
9. Vincent Guilbert “Of her kingdom” (10:28)


Saturday, November 23rd

6pm Lecture by Luka Bešlagić “Experimental film, Post-experimental film”

Starting from the concept of experiments in art and in film, the central focus of the lecture is to determine the role of experimentalism in contemporary film practice. The focal point is the position of the film experiment in the era (after) postmodernism, which came after a period of radical modernist avant-gardism, during which the screen space had been formally explored in every conceivable way. The contemporary experimental film practice can increasingly be described as post-experimental: it doesn’t give up on applying the most varied experimental approaches, but now – in the conditions void of the original (modernist) raison d’être of experimenting – it uses them as existing, available techniques.

7pm Anemic Cinema II: Competition program

Part two of the competition program (duration: 65 minutes):

1. Mani Mehrvarz “The price of oil” (19:01)
2. Tina Ščavničar “Dere sen jas mali bija” (2:51)
3. Michael Lyons “Nonoko (Kaos no Ma)” (5:00)
4. Brandon Wilson “Glimmers” (5:53)
5. Gordana Stanišić-Vujošević “Camera Obscura” (10:44)
6. Bojan Josić “The Searcher” (3:21)
7. Petra Pavetić Kranjčec “Corpus” (3:44)
8. Adriana Lopez Garibay “La vida de un soldado” (5:07)
9. Luis Carlos Rodriguez “Collage (Dementia 13)” (9:19)

8:30pm Announcing the winners and screening the awarded films

9:15pm Music program: Manja Ristić

Poster design: Lazar Kundović

Entrance is free for all events.

The Festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia.


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