Old and New Witches, the First Convent

12.03.2020. | 19:00

The First Convent of the program cycle “Old and New Witches” will take place on Thursday, March 12th at 7pm at CZKD, within the project “Diversity in Culture and Activism”. The First Convent will include female writers, performers and artists who inaugurate the theme of witches.

Due to the current situation, the First Convent will be filmed publicly. For those who cannot participate, a video of the event will soon be available on our website and the Facebook page for this event.

The program will be opened by the author Lana Bastašić, whose news article “Today, When I Become a Witch” (November 6th 2019, Danas), has already established a complex connection between the generation of witches from the 90s and today’s possible responses to the accusation of witchcraft.


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