Reading of Fernando Arabal

11.08.2020. | 19:00

 Reading of Fernando Arabal: Latice zatočeništva

In cooperation with the independent artists Dobrila Stojnić and Dmitri Udovički, on August 11, a program was held in the open space of CZKD which was part of an international action of the public reading of the text of Fernando Arabal written in isolation during the COVID 19 pandemic in March 2020. The implications of the “social distancing”, panic and dismantling of solidarity institutions, individual resistance to the normalization of isolation and awareness of danger in the extraordinary state of society were the immediate themes of the text, which was the shared global problem in the spring of 2020. Responding to the situation of isolation and reflecting on the politics of the body and freedom in relation to the fear, the program was organized as a public performance in the summer set of CZKD, open air, for 20 people, but also was streamed directly via YouTube platform, which is saved on the following link:



This program was open to public and enabled the independent culture and CSOs to present their work related to the COVID 19 pandemic: theatre performance thematising the experience of quarantine, written by Fernando Arabal, performed by the independent artists from Belgrade (“Latice zatočeništva” in August); which was in the next phase of this program a discussion with the authors in December and revisiting the text after several months of the situation of the COVID 19 pandemic.


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