Video statement of the project – Integrity and authorship in journalism in the Western Balkans

26.10.2020. | 15:59

”Loyalty is indestructible, and trying to change something always causes you huge problems. The most valuable thing is that the only thing left is rebellion, the only thing that remains valuable is you wanting to change something” Boro Kontić, Director of Sarajevo Media Center, in the publication “Integrity in Journalism – conversations with journalists from the countries of the Western Balkans “, which was edited and conducted by journalist Žarko Radoja.

After educational workshops and various perspectives presented by our lecturers, partners, associates, interviewed journalists and presented within authorial texts of both young participants and experienced journalists from the Western Balkans, we believe that we have strengthened the foundations in the fight for authorship and integrity of all journalists. We wanted to encompass our workshop with a debate, a final publication, and a video statement stressing the overall shared acquired, and newly discovered knowledge gained while working on this project.

This is the video statement of the project the Integrity and authorship in journalism in the Western Balkans.

The project is supported by the Human Rights Fund (2019-2021) / Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Belgrade.


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