Understanding the City I – “In Search of the Public Interest”

17.11.2020. | 16:00

Understanding the City I
Towards Collaborative Governance
In Search of the Public Interest


The public debate “In Search of the Public Interest – The Reach of Urban Planning “ was held via Zoom platform, on the modes of management of the public good, and opened the public discussion with 100 direct participants and attendees, 290 followers of the YouTube stream of the program, and more than 700 interested on the social networks. Participants of the discussion were invited to present the various positions, coming from the city government, the University, and the independent researchers: prof. dr Ksenija Petovar, Ana Graovac, dr. Jasmina Đokić, dr. Siniša Trkulja, v.prof.dr. Mirjana Drenovak Ivanović, doc.dr. Višnja Kisić, prof.dr. Marija Maruna, doc.dr. Danijela Milovanović Rodić, Ksenija Radovanović and Ljubica Slavković as the curator of the program on behalf of CZKD.

The project “Diversity in Culture and Activism” is supported by the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia (EU/IPA).

Watch the video: here



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