Cultural Memory of the Social Movements – A Look form 2020

18.12.2020. | 19:00

Cultural Memory of the Social Movements – A Look form 2020 (Kulturno pamćenje društvenih pokreta – pogled iz 2020“

On December 18, 2020, a public presentation of the cultural production inspired by the social movements was organized, curated by film archivist and dramaturg Ivan Velisavljević. The program „Cultural Memory of Social Movements“ in December dedicated to the presentation of the films and theater performances which deal with the social movements and their memory  gatehred authors from the region and cities in Serbia in an online overview of the production which could not get more visibility or cinema presentation. The film and theater production which could not get wider visibility in 2020 due to the postponing of the film festivals and restrictions in the work of cinema venues an theatres, such as “The Red Flag” by Vladimir Paunović from Kragujevac, or “Radio Šabac” by Olga Dimitrijević were presented through the discussion with the authors and the plans for the future disseminations were proposed. The video production made for the online dissemination: “Borovo u Beogradu” was presented by the author Marko Farber, giving insight into the regional context and examples of various initiatives for the online archive. Tadej Kurepa made a presentation of the “Kino klub Barut” archive, which will enable long term, free access platform for accumulation, archiving and presentation of various documentary and cultural production. The social network accounts of CZKD enabled rapid distribution of the results and recommendations of the program, considering that more than 150 people were following the event on Facebook alone, where the links on the production mentioned and discussed were soon shared.

The program was realized via Zoom platform due to the restrictive measures against COVID 19 pandemic.

Kulturno pamćenje društvenih borbi – Pogled iz 2020




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