Photography As A Place of Resistance

12.12.2020. | 16:00

Photography As A Place of Resistance (Fotografija kao mesto otpora)

20.12. 2020

Vesna Pavlović is one of the most prominent photographers and professor at the Nashville, USA. The artistic archive and research, along with the projects of re-activation of the archive were the focus of the program, in discussion with the new media activist and theorist Vladimir Jerić. Their cooperative project “Mix Tape” was presented and discussed with the younger generation of artists, as it presents a multi-layered project of new music interpretations of the personal selection of music from the 1990s, corresponding to the overall theme and research of the photography archive as a point of resistance.

This online discussion was a realization of the first part of the program among the closed list of the invited participants and accumulation of the material for the postproduction.

The program was realized via Zoom platform due to the restrictive measures against COVID 19 pandemic.


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