Politics on the Side of the People during the Pandemic

14.12.2020. | 19:00

Politics on the Side of the People during the Pandemic (Politika na strani ljudi u uslovima globalne pandemije)

On December 14, 2020, Group for the conceptual Politics from Novi Sad (Grupa za konceptualnu politiku, GKP) presented their results in 2020 and printed production. Branka Ćurčić presented the publishing activities of GKP, among them the book “The Chronologies of the Present” by Sylvan Lazaris; Savo Romčević presented the newspapers “Stanar”, published for the local communities in Novi Sad who are self-organized around the common good. The GKP activities, since its establishment in 2011, are focused on the self-organization of the citizens and encouragement of the direct participation in the process of decision-making related to the common local interest. The development of the various forms of publishing, awareness campaigns and the curator of the program and moderator was Dušan Grlja, and the co-curator for the local context of Novi Sad was Zoran Gajić, who presented the campaign for the elections in the local communities in the Novi Sad municipality. The program was realized via Zoom platform due to the restrictive measures against COVID 19 pandemic.


Bavljenje politikom na strani ljudi u vanrednoj situaciji pandemije



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