Trans Activism in Serbia

12.12.2020. | 19:00

 Trans Activism in Serbia (Trans Aktivzam u Srbiji)

On December 12, addressing the burning issue in the region: the rising transphobia, a special program was organized to gather and give voice and support to activists, organisations and academic researchers to give their contribution and views on this situation. Aleksa Milanović, trans activist and one of the founders of the Trans mreža Balkan, curated the program. The activists from the Pride Center: Matija Stefanović, Tals organization: Nora Juno Janković, activists and lawyer Saša Lazić and one of the pioneer trans activists and writer Sonja Sajzor presented the immediate problems of the trans community: discrimination in the labour market and housing, threats and pressures by the extreme right and left wing organizations, lack of media and public spaces for their activities and the digital harassment the activists endure in their online channels. Among the positive results and accomplishments in this period, the two publications are announced as a result of the cooperation within  the academic network in the region, and the educational publications and online video series of Sonja Sajzor are presented.

The discussion „Transactivism in Serbia“ about the results of the struggle against increased transphobia and the examples of academic and cultural production was organised online and by invitation, taking into consideration an intensive pressure by the extreme transphobic groups. The program was not announced on the web site or social networks, but the video recording of the program is published later in December 2020 on the YouTube channel of CZKD. The program was realized via Zoom platform due to the restrictive measures against COVID 19 pandemic.

The video recording of the discussion can be found on the following link:



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