The discussion about the book “Schidlerov lift” by Darko Cvijetić

26.06.2021. | 18:00

Discussion on the novel “Schindlerov lift” by Darko Cvijetić

On the occasion of the theater performance “Schindlerov lift” in Center CZKD, which is based on the acclaimed novel by Darko Cvijetić, we had a discussion with the writer Darko Cvijetić and the critic Zorana Simić. Darko Cvijetić got a significant rception in Serbia and throughout the region. Zorana Simić is the author of the most prominent text on the novel “Schindlerov lift” in Serbia, and the text was published in “Polja” magazine. The new generation of literary criticism is relying on a new infrastructure (Bookvica, Pobunjene čitateljke), and the public of the literature is growing in new directions.

Participants of the discussion: Darko Cvijetić, Zorana Simić, Ana Miljanić and Marijana Toma.

The project Diverstiy in Culture and Activism” is supported by the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia (EU/IPA) and the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.

Schindlerov lift


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