Old and New Witches – Glava u torbi

29.12.2021. | 16:00

This program was envisioned as a gathering of feminists, intelectuals and writers of different generations based on the publishing of newspaper articles of Borka Pavićević. On December 29, at 16h the meeting of the participants is recorded, so it can be postproduced for the streaming with the individual contributions. Participants: Tanja Šljivar (curator), Ana Miljanić (moderator), Daša Duhaček, Zorana Simić, Vesna Jovanović; artistic contributors: Katarina Jovanović and Vladislava Đorđević.

The program is realized within the framework of “Diversity in Culture and Activism” project. The project is supported by the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia (EU/IPA), the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue of the Republic of Serbia and the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.


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