Monthly Program: March 2023

11.03.2023. | 20:00

Saturday, March 4 12 p.m.


IS THAT THE SAME? – Guided Tour

February, 23 – March, 9 2023

The exhibition “Da li je to ISTO? [Is THAT the same?]” came from collaboration between the Center for Cultural Decontamination (CZKD) and the Ukrainian arts and cultural scene under siege.  Curator Asia Tsisar, one of CKZD art residents (Fall 2022) and associate on the international project “Secondary Archive” (presented as the part of Manifesta 14 in Prishtina), displayed the works of the younger generation of artists in different media via a curatorial concept sensitive to transitions of artists life working in Ukraine today and cognizant of profound questions of the presentation of artwork during wartime.

The exhibition includes the works by Larion Lozovyi, Daniil Revkovsky & Andriy Rachinsky; all created in the past year.


Sunday, March 5 7 p.m.


Remembrance Event in Honor of Ljubinka Trgovčević (1948-2022)

Ljubinka Trgovčević was a historian, professor, politician, anti-war activist, and world traveler. Her colleagues, former students, a new generation of historians, and friends from several periods of her life will speak at the event.


Saturday, March 11 8 p.m.

Sunday, March 12 8 p.m. – English subtitles available



The play Dr. Ausländer (Made for Germany) discusses economic migration and attempts to establish a narrative of continuity. The main characters are medical workers who, regardless of their age or education, decide to learn a new language and relocate to Germany. The play is based in part on interviews with 13 post-Yugoslav medical workers of various specializations and education levels, the majority of whom are already in Germany and some of whom are on their way out.

Director: Bojan Đorđev; Dramaturgy: Mina Milošević and Tanja Šljivar

Performance design and video Amphitheatre: Siniša Ilić, Costume design:
Maja Mirković, Biljana Tegeltija Bojanić

Duration: 80 minutes
Co-production of the 56th Bitef festival, the Yugoslav Drama Theater and the Center for Cultural Decontamination.


Tuesday, March 14  8 p.m.

Wednesday, March 15 8 p.m. – English subtitles available



Last year’s winner of the Bitef festival audience award, the auteur’s project by Maja Pelević and Olga Dimitrijević, co-produced by Bitef and the Center for Cultural Decontamination, is back on the stage at CZKD. The play starts by questioning the position of women in a local theater, and opens up a space for thinking about some future emancipatory policies. The script consists of documentary materials, interviews with theater directors on gender equality, as well as various theoretical feminist texts.

Choreography and stage movement: Igor Koruga; music: Anja Đorđević and Vladislav Rac; video: Deana Petrović; costume: Selena Orb; lights design: Nikola Zavišić; organization: Filip Perić

Duration: 90 minutes


Thursday, March 16 7 p.m.


“Memory and Manipulation: Memorial policy in Serbia 1989-2021” by Nenad Makuljević
Publisher: Biblioteka XX vek, 2022

Memory and Manipulation will be presented by the authors, Barbara Murovec, Milan Ristović, Olga Manjović Pintar and Dubravka Stojanović and moderated by Ivan Čolović. Makuljević is a full professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. His main research areas include the relationship between art and politics, Serbian art of the 19th century, Balkan visual culture, art historiography, and Ottoman-Christian-Jewish contacts in visual culture.


March 21 – April 5, 2023.


Exhibition: IMAGINE – Reflections on Peace   

Upon invitation of the VII Foundation, prominent war photographers who covered conflicts in Lebanon, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Rwanda, Cambodia, and Colombia returned to these war-torn territories with six writers to understand and photograph peacebuilding.
This exhibition explores the themes and challenges of peacebuilding through an intimate look into post-conflict societies, drawing on the experiences of survivors, victims, negotiators, and researchers.

The Fridrich Ebert Foundation Belgrade and the VII Foundation, in collaboration with the ZFD forum, are organizing the Belgrade exhibition and accompanying program.

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