Rondo: A Journey from Exposure to Oblivion and Back

06.06.2023. | 18:00

06.06.2023. 18h

Center for Cultural Decontamination

Working Woman exhibition program

Rondo: A Journey from Exposure to Oblivion and Back

Branka Benčić and Aleksandra Sekulić

The program of films and videos produced by the female authors fro the SFR Yugoslavia titled „Rondo: A Journey from Exposure to Oblivion and Back“ was concpetualised for the Avant festival in Karlstad, Sweden in 2022, by Branka Benčić and Aleksandra Sekulić. We will show this program in the framework of the exhibition „Working Woman“ in order to open new fields of the discussion and the questions of their contextualisation, the public they addressed at the time, and the one they have now.


The program brings together experimental film and video making by women artists, amateurs and filmmakers from the cultural space of the (former) Yugoslavia, examining practices that range from avant-garde experiments, documenting the everyday and mundane, to video and performance based works, questioning issues of identity, politics of self-representation, consciousness of the female subject and media experiments. Produced in the period between late 1960s marked by the wave of film club enthusiasm and amateur cinema mostly in Zagreb and Belgrade, the emergence of video art during the 1970s in the framework of conceptual and postconceptual art related to the New Art Practice to1990s.

The program gathers artistic positions, contexts and institutions that frame the moving image production by women in SFRJ, it’s presentation, care and circulation, revisiting major figures, anthological and widely exhibited works and rarely seen works, as well as female protagonists lost in oblivion.


Erna Banovac: Erna (1963) 2’

Sanja Iveković: Instrukcije (Instructions, 1976) 5’

Dunja Ivanišević: Žemsko (Female, 1968) 5’

Bogdanka Poznanović: Srce (Heart, 1970) 2’

Tatjana Ivančić: Grad u izlogu (City in the Shop Window, 1969) 5’

Divna Jovanović Rondo (1973) 5’

Sanja Iveković: Looking at… (1974) 9’

Sanja Iveković: Personal Cuts (1982), 3’

bonus program:

Special video contribution “How I Met Erna” by Miroslav Bata Petrović

Erna Banovac: Erna (2019)

The program is realised through cooperation with partners who we give our thanks: The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka for the works of Sanja Iveković, Cine Club Split for the film of Dunja Ivanišević, Cine Club Zagreb for the film of Tatjana Ivančić, family of Bogdanka Poznanović and Milica Badalić, and Miroslav Bata Petrović for the films of Divna Jovanović and Erna Banovac, also to our cooperatives Sunčica Fradelić and Sanja Kojić Mladenov..

The theme of the Avant festival in 2022 was Yugoslavia and more, for more details check the festival site.

The featured image: still frame from the film “Žemsko” by Dunja Ivanišević


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