The Listening Biennial 2023 Belgrade 

20.07.2023. | 18:00

The Listening Biennial 2023 Belgrade

Symposium 20th – 22nd July 2023

CZKD Center for Cultural Decontamination

Within the second edition of The Listening Biennial 2023, CZKD (Center for Cultural
Decontamination) organizes a three-day symposium, including a series of panel discussions,
lecture-performances, listening sessions, and gatherings.

This year's edition of The Listening Biennial is dedicated to the ecology of attention, one
shaped by a critical concern for challenging existing constructs of exclusion and extraction,
and that invites a shift from paying to giving attention. Focusing on this topic from various
perspectives, the program brings together numerous artists, scholars, and cultural workers.
The second edition of The Listening Biennial takes shape through the presentation of sound
works of more than 30 participating artists across 30 locations, which includes local
programs of events and encounters.

The Listening Biennial is an international network of artists, curators, researchers and
institutions, with the aim of fostering new research and creative understandings of listening.
By engaging a diversity of practices, from sonic art and experimental performance to
environmental and pedagogical work, the Listening Biennial draws attention to listening as a
relational capacity, a philosophical and political proposition, and creative practice, which
critical force may contribute to maintaining the diversity of our social adventure. The
Listening Biennial is comprised of a Biennial exhibition as well as The Listening Academy, a
traveling research platform manifesting in workshops and discursive seminars.

Soundworks: Nicolás Kisic Aguirre (Peru); Rouzbeh Akhbari (Iran); Ayọ̀ Akínwándé (Nigeria
/ UK); Yara Asmar (Lebanon); Aya Atoui (Lebanon); Teresa Barrozo (Philippines); Ariel
Bustamante (Chile); Alejandra Canelas (Bolivia); Lucia Herbas Cordero (Bolivia); Silvia
Rivera Cusicanqui (Bolivia); Tara Fatehi and Pouya Ehsaei (Iran / UK); Ibelisse Guardia
Ferragutti (Bolivia-Brazil); Victor Mazón Gardoqui (Spain); Jimena Croceri (Argentina) and
Sara Hamdy (Egypt); Abdellah M. Hassak (Morocco); Hasan Hujairi (Bahrain); Igor Jesus
(Portugal); Jason Kahn (US/Switzerland); Dirar Kalash (Palestine); Arendse Krabbe
(Denmark); Landra (Sara Rodrigues with Rodrigo Camacho) (Portugal); Yolanda Mamani
Mamani (Bolivia); mamoru (Japan); Sary Moussa (Lebanon); Arnont Nongyao (Thailand);
Ayumi Paul (Germany); Planetary Listening (Germany); Bernardo Rozzo (Bolivia); Griselda
Sánchez (Mexico); Alexandre St-Onge (Canada); The Observatory (Singapore); Zorka
Wollny (Poland); Johanna Gschwend / Moritz Hossli (Schwitzerland), Manja Ristić (Serbia /
Croatia), Shohreh Shakoory (Iran / Germany), Lukatoyboy (Germany);

Curators: Rayya Badran, Guely Morato, Luísa Santos, Dayang Yraola
Curatorial partners: Anastasia (A) Khodyreva, Bojana (S) Knežević, Isuru Kumarsinghe
and Sara Mikolai, Gentian Meikleham, Debashis Sinha, Elif Gülin Soğuksu, Lucia

Artistic director: Brandon LaBelle with Annette le Fort, Octavio Camargo and Budhaditya
Chattopadhyay, Israel Martínez, Yang Yeung

Participants of the Symposium: Johanna Gschwend / Moritz Hossli, Manja Ristić,
Shohreh Shakoory, Ivana Smiljanić, Ana Gnjatović, Iva Nenić, Femix (Tatjana Nikolić / Olga
Boškov), Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Lukatoyboy, Viktor Vejvoda, Ksenija Stevanović,
Bojana (S) Knežević

Symposium editor: Bojana (S) Knežević
Moderators: Bojana (S) Knežević, Ksenija Stevanović
Technical support: Mihajlo (M) Jovanović
Assistance: Tamara Knežević
Photo credits:
Abdellah M. Hassak, 2019. Photo: courtesy of the artist.
Ayumi Paul composing simultaneity, 2021 © Ayumi Paul, photo: Debora Mittelstaedt


Thursday, July 20th
18:00 Opening / introduction (Bojana (S) Knežević, Ksenija Stevanović) + iced-tea party
Artists presentations and discussions:
19:00 Johanna Gschwend / Moritz Hossli: Local sound as a starting point
20:00 Manja Ristić: Art talk about the work "water memory, mnemonic topographies of the
Adriatic" & listening session "Dobra voda, act 2" world premiere.
Listening sessions

Friday, July 21st
Thematic day: Feminist listening
18:00 Listening sessions
19:00 Lecture-performance Shohreh Shakoory: “The city becomes a song”
19:30 Panel discussion: Shohreh Shakoory, Ivana Smiljanić, Ana Gnjatović, Iva Nenić,
Femix (Tatjana Nikolić / Olga Boškov); moderators: Bojana (S) Knežević, Ksenija Stevanović

Saturday, July 22nd
17:00 – 18:00 Listening sessions + iced-tea party
Presentations and discussions:
18:15 Budhaditya Chattopadhyay: The Auditory Setting, book presentation
19:00 Lukatoyboy: Towards Citizens Band Invocations
19:30 Viktor Vejvoda: Supermarginál cafe
20:00 jam session / collective sound improvisation


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