The School of Emergency at CZKD – Open Call for Participants extended to September 5!

11.09.2023. | 12:00

The School of Emergency at CZKD

The learning Play “The Lexicon of Emergencies”

11.09.2023 – 16.09.2023

School Mentors: collective Chto Delat (Nina Gasteva, Nikolay Oleynikov, Tsaplya Olga Egorova and Dmitry Vilensky)


The School of Emergencies initiated by collective Chto Delat is a transdisciplinary and translocal  school for artists, writers, researchers and activists which deals with topics of catastrophes and survival, emergencies and miracles, last times and cooperation of all kins.  The urgency of the school was forced by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and waves of political refugees from Russia, and the unfolding all-encompassing crisis affecting every areas of our lives.

The school fellows together with mentors and invited teachers are looking for a new artistic language which is capable of grasping the situation of more and more absurd world.

This time the participants of the school together with mentors will develop the score of the learning play based on the idea of composing a common lexicon of emergencies.

About the the Learning play method:

The learning play method comes from the development of the practices of “Lehrstücke”, whose theoretical foundations were laid by Bertolt Brecht and which later developed widely in various practices of forum theater (see This method consists of taking a position in dialogue and conflict with other positions that deal with a particular problem. We also suggest not relying only on verbal articulation, but to try to find one’s position through body language, its movements and interactions in exchange with other bodies. We also suggest that school participants could create their lexicon entries in a critical interaction with the artificial intelligence program ChatGPT..

In the period of 11.09. – 16.09. 2023, the School will operate in CZKD with participants who applied via the open call, and the final event will be open for public on 16.09. 2023.

There are still several places for the applicants, so the call is prolonged to September 5, 2023, so the applicants can send the motivation letter:
subject: Belgrade school of Emergency

Photo: Face To Face With Monument, Chto Delat




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