Exhibition “Emotional Maps”

27.06.2024. | 16:59

As part of the artistic and discursive program Emotive Maps, the Center for Cultural Decontamination is pleased to announce the opening of a large-format exhibition by photographer Vesna Pavlović on Saturday, June 15 at noon, as well as a series of programs, guided tours, lectures, performances, poetry evenings, which are designed around an exhibition of the renowned author.

The international artistic and theoretical project Emotive Maps started on April 15 this year with a performance of mass grating of frozen oranges. Until September 15 it will gather and engage visual and other artists and groups, theorists, and activists within the framework of the installation at the Center for Cultural Decontamination.

The exhibition Emotional Maps by Vesna Pavlović represents a reflexive return to her photographic installations and documentary works created during the 1990s in Serbia and the USA. The exhibition chronicles the era of the 1990s through the collision and intertwining of multiple extremes: on the one hand, the rise of new forms of sociality, stimulated by the development of the Internet and digital technology and the strengthening of civil society and, on the other hand, the tragic disintegration of Yugoslavia through nationalist wars, a period of isolation and civil uprisings. Vesna Pavlović’s photographic cycles reinvoke the issues of political responsibility, civil disobedience and resistance to the machinery of war and social and economic disenfranchisement. The images of protest life on the streets of Belgrade and the actions of the anti-war scene during the 1990s speak of perseverance and persistence, resistance and empathy. In the times of global expansion of the reactionary right, defeat of the socialist politics and the collapse of political and social instruments of change, these images can be read as a call for new politics of solidarity and social action.

The exhibition is conceived as a gathering place for different artists and groups, theorists and activists, in the spirit of the artist’s specific photographic practice, which has been developing from the very beginning through a network of cooperation and a sphere of exchange. Through a broad selection of photographs, placed in a dialogue map of spatial and semantic constellations, Vesna Pavlović questions the authority of the singular truth of the documentary photographic image, reaching the endurance limits of the medium of (analogue) photography, its materiality, objecthood and susceptibility to time. The exhibition presents different photographic modalities – from conceptual and relational photography to the “expanded field of photography” and “photographic spatialization”. It is punctuated by motifs of sunflowers, sun, orange juice and fragrances as elements of persistent rebellion and “lust for life”.

The curatorial team: PhD Jelena Vesić and PhD Ana Miljanić.

Photo Srdjan Veljovic


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