Against oblivion - four WWII camps in Belgrade

Four concentration death camps existed in Belgrade during WWII. The history of the camps and the victims have been politically instrumentalized since the 80’s and initiatives of CSOs committed to nurturing the memory are mainly ignored by the media and politicians. The project aim is: to increase the public knowledge of the factual history of WWII, improve the memory of the horrible crimes in these 4 concentration camps against Jews, Roma, Serbs and members of other nations done by Nazis and domestic collaborators, and to create a public debate about the way they are commemorated. The project plans to organize 4 public events, a TV serial and the closing round table to discuss the conceptual and ethical basis of commemorating the camps and the victims. The long term aim of the project is to legitimize public inquiry (including CSOs) and public debate about the WWII period and the camps in an effort to prevent abuse and instrumentalization of this history by any political party on city or state level which has the power dictate history through monuments, commemoration rituals and schoolbooks.

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