The Young Migrant’s Guide to the Human Rights Galaxy

The Young Migrant’s Guide to the Human Rights Galaxy – A guide for young migrants through the galaxy of human rights

Young migrants and refugees live in very difficult conditions, spending a lot of time on the road, without access to formal education. In such circumstances, informal education can be a solution because it offers knowledge about basic human rights and freedoms (the right to healthcare, nondiscrimination, employment, active participation in the community and culture). It is necessary to plan and provide adequate methods, such as alternative forms of education, in order to improve the social, economic, legal and political position of refugees and migrants. That way freedom and confidence is returned to the people and their integration process is made easier.

It is especially important to raise awareness about this among the civil society representatives who work with refugees and migrants, and one of the ways to do this is to form an informal platform whose goal would be to strengthen the capacities of CSOs and create better communication and coordination among them. Creating good practices with an inclusive, gender-sensitive methodology will positively influence the recognition of the role of young migrants in the monitoring process and the defense of human rights of migrants and refugees.

The goal of this project is the improvement of the approach to knowledge and creating new and creative educational programs for the younger generation of migrants, which will give them a chance to become emancipated and accomplished as young leaders in their communities. That way, migrant communities are given the knowledge to recognize stigmatization and discrimination, as well as violations of their basic human rights, and they are given the freedom and the self-confidence to independently fight against it.

Main activities of this project are: creating an informal platform for connecting and cooperation of CSOs working with migrants and refugees, as well as the publication of The Young Migrant’s Guide to the Human Rights Galaxy in four different languages (Serbian, English, Arabic and Farsi), which would give the widest migrant communities basic information about the galaxy of human rights in a clear and practical way, through the creative comic book form.

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