Naming IT War

The Project Naming IT War dealt with the consequences of the fact that Serbia never officially recognized its participation in the war during the 90s. This war still has practical implications both on the lives of people who were soldiers of that war, and others from the region of South-East Europe. The project Naming IT war gathers war participants and anti-war activists as witnesses testifying that there was a war. These groups get together to research and discuss the internal post-war divide that is the cause of social fragmentation in Serbia today.

Overall objective(s): Consolidation of Serbian democracy and society by overcoming the war/anti-war divide and increasing the civil and social participation of people with war experience through institution building.

Specific objective(s): 1. Establishing cooperation between war veterans and anti-war activists; 2. Institution building to enhance inclusion and participation of people with war experience; and 3. Enhancing the process of legitimating legal and social rights of people with war experience.

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