Pertej Pertej/Beyond/Preko 20 Years

Motivated by an impressive continuity of collaboration and exchange in the region, within the field of contemporary art which does not have enough visibility and support for the inclusion of younger generations in the production, the project Pertej/Beyond/Preko 20 years will gather not only young participants but experienced artists, historians, theorists, sociologists in a specific transfer of knowledge, an experimental educational program that will lead the intergenerational collaboration towards the production of new artworks and texts. The project will then further develop the idea of participatory education, art production and critical thinking which has been developing for decades in the independent culture and media, and already has a noticeable impact on the emancipation of educational and cultural systems in Europe. The starting point of the research of lesser-known continuities of collaboration, exchange and critique, will be the exhibition Pertej which took place in CZKD in 1997, but the research will expand to the temporal and geographic whole which today’s generations recognize as their pretext and context of their activities.

The projected was supported by the Embassy of Switzerland to the Republic of Serbia and to Montenegro. The views herein expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Embassy of Switzerland to the Republic of Serbia and to Montenegro .