RETROaktiva – Civic activism and resistance in retrospect: post-Yugoslav region (1980-2016) is focused on the affirmation of civic activism and resistance in post-Yugoslav countries in the past three decades, creating a parallel between the democratic process of transition and areas that were affected by war. During the creation of the “Scrapbook of Activist Heritage”, a critical look at activist actions and performances that emerged in the region between the 1980s and today (feminist initiatives and eco-movements of the 80s, anti-war initiatives of the 90s, new forms of civic self-organization in the field of human rights and the rights of ethnic minorities, movements of the LGBT community, fights for the public goods, freedom of the media, direct democracy etc.), RETRO:aktiva will provide a rethinking of various forms of civic engagement directed at the creation of democratic pluralism from the socialist period, through the wars of the 90s, to the new forms of activism in still unstable democratic states of the Western Balkans. The team that is implementing RETRO:aktiva is made up of activists, artists, researchers, curators and journalists from Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.

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