In within the Risk project, CZKD successfully realized several theatre performances, thus affirming new readings and new approaches that theatre institutions are closed to. Its history in theater production consists of 10 years of projects and performances

2005: “Evropa”,” Žena-bomba” and “Rio Bar” written by Ivana Sajko, directed by Bojan Đorđev; 2009: three public readings of pieces written by Tanja Simić-Berlas (text “Srpski Faust i drugi citati” set by Shadow Casters from Zagreb); Biljana Jovanović (“Soba na Bosforu”, “Centralni zatvor”, “Leti u goru kao ptica” i “Ulrike Majnhof”) and Zorica Jevremović (“Kopile”, directed by Anja Suša); 2010: “Gospođa Olga”, adaptatipon of Milutin Bojić’s drama directed by Zlatko Paković; 2012: “Izlet u Rusiju” (Trip To Russia), Miroslav Krleža’s text in adaptation of Miroslav Belović, directed by Jovan Ćirilov;

In 2013, Risk opened a new phase under the title “Brecht As A Method“, where we will rely on the method of Bertolt Brecht. In the initial phase, the play “Enemy of the people as a didactic play (Ibsen with Brecht, a partiture for a composer, two actors and a director)” directed by Zlatko Paković has announced the long term research and production in cooperation with The Context Studies.