“Sokak – A project about diversity and curiosity” is dedicated to the integration of migrant communities into the local communities along the so-called Balkan Route, by creating common positive narratives and practices that nurture an intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding. The series of activities (workshops, open debates, plays, documentaries, an exhibition and an online audio-visual archive etc.) are a counter-measure against the stigmatization of migrants – and they are speaking to all main actors of today’s reality in our societies: migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, local communities near refugee camps and centers, state authorities and civil society.

The project represents an inventive collaboration by engaging migrant communities and artists and culture workers, with the aim of creating a creative platform and a reliable place for meetings, engaging both communities through an active participation in workshops, cultural production and general participation in the community. The project brings both parties into a dialogue and encourages them to join their efforts in solving the migrants’ status, which should be seen as a question of necessity, and not a choice, and an asylum seeker should be accepted as a citizen with basic rights in his or her new home.

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