The Context Studies

The Context Studies is a long term project initiated by the Center for Cultural decontamination in cooperation with the partners in Subotica, Nis and Novi Pazar. As a model of self-organized education, the participants will be introduced with the “inheritance” of the contemporary critical practices, history of the politics of emancipation, but they will also be given the opportunity to produce their public events with the help and cooperation with the wider community of the Center: through courses, production, public consultations, discussions, interviews.

The Center offers its symbolical and technical resources, its memory and its production to be available for the participants of The Context Studies in forming an open program, a methodological and thematic frame for initiating a critical thinking about the public and political space. In this way, we aim to affirm authorship as a basis of the critical practices. The participants will use the courses to develop their idea into a public event, which will be displayed in their city, and then in the joint three-day event: Plenum in Belgrade.

The aim of The Context Studies is questioning the meaning of “public” – opening a space for critical practices related to the immediate context and the heritage of civil society.